Urgency in the Atmosphere

There’s urgency in the atmosphere – there’s no time to waste and wander because this life is a breath.  Let us get to the call to make disciples and run our races looking unto Jesus – following Him, our crosses in tow because living crucified means living amplified.  It is the only way our lives have any weight.  It’s the only way we truly LIVE – He must increase, and me?..I must decrease.

He is trustworthy.  He is worthy.  He is worth it. Our very great reward.  The only treasure worth seeking.  He is King Alive and for Him, we lay down our lives because He laid down His.  King Alive, King of my own Heart, and King of the Universe.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  James 4:8

I really feel an urgency in the Spirit of the Lord to get up and get moving with the things He’s put in our hearts.  Obviously, we wait upon Him and you may KNOW you’re in a waiting season.  But, I also believe there are people who are hanging back thinking there’s “all the time in the world” when in reality, the time is short.  That’s what I feel like the Lord is saying to someone today.  And the wonderful truth is that when we draw near to Him, we will hear from Him.  He will speak to us…we just need the Spiritual guts to obey, don’t we!

You may be wondering about the reference to King Alive. This Name for Jesus came from a very brief dream I had several years ago. In the dream, the Church gathering that we attended was called “King Alive“, and it just stuck in my brain.  And now, just between Jesus and I, sometimes I refer to Him in that way.  I believe whole-heartedly that He still speaks strongly in visions and dreams today.  He wants to reveal Himself to us more and more.  If He wants to say something to me, I want ears to hear it, and I don’t care how!  In my humble opinion, we don’t have time to waste wondering ‘if’ He does or ‘how’ He does it.  We are the branches and we need to be continually IN HIM, our True Vine!  So press in to Him today!  Ask Him for the ability to hear His voice however He wants to speak to you, and then pay attention!  Our King wants to show Himself very Alive and very Active in our lives every single day.

Just a personal note:  I wrote the upper section in my journal at 5:02am exactly 1 month ago (3/21/18)…and as I was searching for something else this morning, it caught my attention.  I haven’t published anything on here since the end of 2016!  I didn’t realize that until I actually signed in to my blog account today.  When I started this blog 4 years ago, I heard the LORD loudly and clearly in my Spirit to only publish things when He tells me to.  I felt that release to put this word out today.  It actually feels quite strange to type this, but it’s clear to me this is one of those “now” words for me to REMEMBER, maybe someone else needs it, too.  I trust the Lord with it!

Father, if there are things You are reminding us are “NOW” for us, give us the boldness to move, the trust in You to say “Yes, Lord” and then step out in faith no matter what.  Give us ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us.  Increase our faith, Father!!  We need You, Lord, every second of every single day!  You are the Vine, Jesus, and we want to stay “in” you all day long and never turn aside.  You are the kind of Shepherd King that leaves the 99 for the 1, we are each that special to You, would You extend an awareness to each heart that she (or he) is THAT important to You today?  Your are glorious, and You are mighty, and You are WONDERFUL.  Show Your goodness to each one today, Lord, and be glorified in us, be glorified in Your Church, be glorified in our Nation today, in Jesus Name Amen!

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