12My name is Sharla Robertson, and I love the Lord Jesus, I’m a wife, a momma, a crunchy Chiropractor of families and babies and pregnant mommas, I live in Texas, and I love to study God’s Word!  His faithfulness and kindness is flat-out astounding to me. I have lived in much defeat in my past (some inflicted by others’ choices but mostly by my own).  And PRAISE HIS NAME, I live in much, much victory today because of His great love and unending pursuit of this simple girl!  We must cry out to Him, we must fall on our faces in submission to the King of Kings, and we absolutely must know the TRUTH of God’s word so that we can detect the lies of the enemy.  Yeshua, our Messiah, is WORTHY of our entire lives poured out as an offering unto Him…and He is WORTH IT!

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