Pondering the Palms

I suppose I cannot remember the last time that a poem rolled off my heart through my fingers onto a keyboard for the page.  But it happened last night, as I considered what Palm Sunday means.  The preparation, the knowing His time had come.  Realizing how many times in the Gospels that Jesus had said His time had not yet come.  But, when He told His boys to find that donkey colt that day, He knew it was upon Him.

And He went.

He rode into the city of Jerusalem.

He wept over the unbelief.

He did the thing all the way.

He held nothing back.

Jesus, what a Savior.  Jesus, what a Servant.  Jesus, what a King.                                                                                                   So deserving of our worship.

He is so worth every bit of our lives. He is so worthy of every second of time, every drop of sweat, every difficult day, every joy, and every victory.  Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain for you and for me.  Willingly is how He went. That is what inspired these words of request, repentance, and affirmation from my spirit last night. I thought I’d share them with y’all.  Happy Holy Week ->

Lord, I need the dreams and the visions, The passionate fervor for Your Name.

There is so much convolution in “The making Your Name famous
Oh while we’re at it, Lord, could we make mine famous, too?”

Oh Jesus,
To understand the meaning of servanthood,
Oh to grasp the washing of the feet,
The humbling of the self,
The living of the love,
And the dying of the pride.

Oh to fully realize the genius of the You inside of me,
And to trust that she is living out the purpose
And the mission of The THEE, instead of the me.

Oh the joy and
The passion and
The gravity of it all,
When fully all surrendered to The Sweet Redeemer of us all.

All to Jesus, I surrender!
All to Him I freely give!
May these words describe my reality, as day by day I live.

Come & stir me up Lord Jesus!
Shake me every way but loose.
Come ignite my heart afire in a life lived all for You.


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